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Junior Leadership Class of 2018

Junior Leadership Wilkes-Barre is a leadership program for high school juniors which encourages and enables potential young leaders to develop their leadership skills while increasing their awareness of the various elements that form their community. The Junior Leadership Wilkes-Barre program began in the 1987-88 school year as a project of the adult Leadership Wilkes-Barre Class of 1988. It is now guided by a program director and an advisory council consisting of a cross section of community leaders and Junior Leadership Wilkes-Barre graduates. The program has the support of the area’s school districts.

Junior Leadership Wilkes-Barre offers students the opportunity to work with adult leaders in their community through day-long seminars held over a period of ten months. An in-depth curriculum acquaints participants with community needs, opportunities, challenges and resources. The program begins with a session focusing on developing team building skills. Subsequent meetings feature several topic areas including the media, human services, government, diversity, the justice system, citizenship and other community issues. These sessions are held at various locations in Luzerne County.


 Program Objectives

  • Encourage students to recognize their own potential and develop their leadership skills
  • Acquaint students with community needs, resources and other factors that influence the direction of the greater Wilkes-Barre area
  • Provide opportunities for a diverse group of students to interact with each other and with community leaders and decision-makers
  • Foster students’ interest in volunteer community service

Service Learning

An integral part of student learning is the selection, organization and implementation of a community service project. This component of the Junior Leadership Wilkes-Barre curriculum connects classroom learning to the real world as students actively engage in service to the community. Young leaders are challenged to use their leadership skills as they work together to achieve tangible results.

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